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      The daughter company "Kwazar-IS" was based at 1996 on the basis of a "Kwazar"plant. The company is situated in the capital of Ukraine Kiev.  
      DC "Kwazar-IS"specializes on production of a broad spectrum of integrated circuits (chips), which are subsequently applied in production of autoelectronics, home appliances, telephone and television systems and other radio electronic items. Operational amplifiers are the main direction of our manufacture. A lot of companies from Russia, Asia and Europe become our partners.
      Besides the chips producing we also make packaging services. We make packaging into "metal can", DIP8DIP40, SO8, SO14, SO16, SO20 packages.
      We have our own manufacture of wafers, we can offer d=100 wafers for our customers. We offer for our customers high quality at low price.
       Please find our special offer for basic chips here. Prices include CIP delivery, customs e.t.c
Please contact us:
Post: Ukraine Kiev 04136 p.o.b.83 for DC "Kwazar-IS"
Adress: Ukraine Kiev 04136 Pivnichno-Syretskaya str., 3
Phone: +38-044-4348866, -4429552
Fax(s): +38-044-4348866, -4348384
Email: sbyt@kwazar-is.kiev.ua